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Practitioner group meetings

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The unfairness of a level playing field: indirect discrimination

The speaker at the Practitioners Group Meeting on Wednesday 18 June was Binder Bansel, Head of Employment at Pattinson & Brewer (profile).  He presented a very thorough review of the law of indirect discrimination.

Migrant workers and discrimination - 21 May

Jamila Duncan-Bosu, solicitor and founding member of the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (http://atleu.org.uk/who-we-are/) gave a very lively talk at a PGM on 21 May focussing on how she and her colleagues have, in the absence of any civil (as opposed to criminal) offence of keeping someone in slavery, been using race discrimination legislation to seek redress for cases of domestic servitude by claiming that clients had been less favourably treated due to their national origins.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination - 26/3/2014

Susan Belgrave of 9 Gough Square (profile) gave a very interesting talk at a PGM on 26th March with an update on recent case law and new rules and regulations in relation to pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

You can view the slides here

You can view the handout here

Status and discrimination law - some hurdles - 22 Feb 2014

Paul Michell of Cloisters Chambers gave a very interesting talk to a packed room on the subject of "Status and discrimination law - some hurdles" to shed light on the meaning of "employment" and "occupation" under the Framework Directive.

You can view his Powerpoint presentation by clicking here 

EHRC Strategic Legal Cases - 11/12/2013

Sarah Lowe, Senior Lawyer from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and Wendy Hewitt, Commission deputy director, Legal, presented a fascinating talk outlining the EHRC's agenda and current strategic priorities with details of recent cases that they have been involved in.  You can view their presentation slides here

Alternatives to the Questionnaire procedure in discrimination claims - 20/11/13

Kiran Daurka of Slater & Gordon gave a very interesting talk entitled “Alternatives to the Questionnaire procedure in discrimination claims” to a well attended meeting at on Wednesday, 20th November.  The talk sparked off a lively discussion afterwards.

You can view the slides accompanying this talk in the attached file below

Developments in Justification - 17/7/13

Robin Allen QC of Cloisters Chambers (profile) gave an extremely interesting talk on Wednesday, 17th July on the subject of “Developments in Justification” in the light of the case of O’Brien (a part-time fee-paid judge who worked for the Ministry of Justice. He was not entitled to a pension when he retired, although full-time judges were - the Supreme Court upheld his claim).

The meeting was unusual in that, in addition to the usual skype transmission, it was also relayed by videolink live to Birmingham.  Many thanks to St Philips Chambers for providing the venue.

You can view the slides from this talk by clicking on the link below:

Disability Discrimination & Workplace Stress - 13/6/13

Simon Cheetham of Old Square Chambers (profile) gave a fascinating talk on the subject of "Disability Discrimination and Workplace Stress.

You can read the handout to this talk by clicking on the attachment below

Religious discrimination - 24/4/13

Susan Belgrave of 9 Gough  Square gave a very comprehensive account of recent cases involving religious discrimination (inlcuding Eweida, Ladele and Mba).  You can view her slides and handout in the attached files below.