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The DLA brings together a broad range of discrimination law practitioners, policy experts, academics and concerned individuals, all united around a commitment to improving equality law, practice, education and advice for those who face discrimination.

Our activities include submitting responses to government consultations, sharing experiences and expertise through practitioner group meetings, disseminating information and knowledge via our Briefings journal, email updates, conferences and seminars.

Practitioners Group Meetings - Spring Programme

  • date: Wednesday, 23 April 2014
  •  topic: tips and pitfalls from EJ's perspective
  • speaker: Simon Cheetham of Old Square Chambers (profile)
  • date: Wednesday, 21 May 2014
  •  topic: migrant workers and discrimination
  • speaker: Jamila Duncan-Bosu, Solicitor and founding member of the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (profile)


PGM - Pregnancy and maternity discrimination

Susan Belgrave of 9 Gough Square (profile) gave a very interesting talk at a PGM on 26th March with an update on recent case law and new rules and regulations in relation to pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

You can view the slides here

You can view the handout here


Welsh Government consultations


The DLA has submitted responses to two recent Welsh Government consultations:
  • Rights of Older People

    • DLA response here
    • consultation details here

  • Children’s Rights Scheme

    • DLA response here
    • consultation details here


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