The DLA brings together a broad range of discrimination law practitioners, policy experts, academics and concerned individuals, all united around a commitment to improving equality law, practice, education and advice for those who face discrimination.

Our activities include submitting responses to government consultations, sharing experiences and expertise through practitioner group meetings, disseminating information and knowledge via our Briefings journal, email updates, conferences and seminars.


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  • Active Members database 

    Would you like to be more involved in the work and/or the activities of the DLA? As part of a new initiative to benefit from the expertise of our wider membership, the DLA executive committee is setting up an active members database. We will draw on this database for assistance with writing case reports for Briefings; suggesting topics and speakers for our Practitioners Group Programme and for conferences, as well as seeking feedback and comments on responses to government and professional consultation.


    We invite any member with expertise or particular interest in these areas of work to submit their profile and contact details on the attached form (here).


    Any assistance will of course be on a voluntary basis, and we expect that almost all contact and discussion will take place by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Happy Human Rights Day!


    The DLA is a signatory to the BIHR letter to the Telegraph published on the occasion of Human Rights Day (10th December).  Signed by 163 organisations, the letter calls on “those with power to stand with us to respect human rights laws”.

    Telegraph letter  


    The very sad death of an outstanding equality campaigner


    Caroline Gooding, DLA Vice Chair, died on 19th July.  Her obituary, published in the Guardian, summarises very briefly her important work over many years to secure equality rights for disabled people.  Caroline was a major contributor to the work of DLA and for all of us she will be very much missed.  DLA is planning to find suitable ways later this year to honour Caroline's achievements.


    Thank you Caroline - tribute

    Guardian obituary